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Prairie Poodles - Stud Program

Stud Program

See any fine gentlemen of ours that may have caught your eye? If yes, the good news is.... We have a stud program for you! We are happy to work with other select programs to offer outside stud services, live cover, in-house AI, and shipment of collections worldwide.


Please reach out to us if you have any questions or are interested in a stud service. We have also attached our stud contract below for your convenience.

Guardian Home Program

The guardian program is designed to benefit everyone involved, the puppy, the guardian home, and us. We are so thankful for our guardian homes and are always looking for amazing families that are interested so that we can continue the successful way our breeding program works without ever needing to kennel raise a dog.

Interested in joining? Click below to learn more about what our program entails!

Prairie Poodles - Guardian Home Program
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