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Service Dog Program

About Our Service Dog Program

From the very beginning of Prairie Poodles we have believed in giving back.  Our goal as breeders is not to over populate but to produce exceptional dogs that will better those lives they come into contact with. Our lives have been so blessed and it's only fair we pay that forward.

Annually, we donate one of our puppies to serve as a Service Dog to someone who is in need.


We work with a professional trainer to decide on the best prospect for the services required of the puppy and family the puppy will be joining.

Please contact us regarding this program.


(Open to Canadian Residents only at this time) 

Types of Service Dogs:

Guide Dogs 

Hearing Dogs

Mobility Assistance Dogs

Diabetic Alert Dogs

Seizure Alert Dogs

Seizure Response Dogs

Physical Service Dogs

Autism Support Dogs

FASD Service Dogs

Allergy Detection Dogs

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