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Our Dogs


Valley CKC & AKC Registered

Valley is our most curious Poodle and her coloring is exquisite. Born in the mountains, raised on the prairie & full of love.

Red & White Parti

Weight: 31 Lbs

Height: 18 Inches

Embark Panel: Clear

PennHIP: Good

OFA Patellas: Clear

OFA Elbows: Clear

OFA Cardiac: Clear

OFA Eyes: Clear


e/e  b/b  At/At  KB/Ky  Sp/Sp  m/m


Osa is our most tender spirited Poodle. She is always first to hop on your lap for a snuggle and belly rub! We love having her in our family. 

Brindlepoint Tri

Weight: 50 Lbs

Height: 23 Inches

Animal Genetics Panel: Clear

PennHIP: Above Average


Eyes: Clear on exam

Cardiac: Clear on exam


Em/e  B/B  At/a  KB/Ky  Sp/Sp  m/m

kansas CKC & AKC Registered 

Kansas is a farm girl at heart. She loves the hustle and bustle of rural life but also loves a good front porch nap. She is very laid back but also enjoys being a part of all the action! 

Phantom Parti

Weight: 41 Lbs

Height: 22 Inches

Embark Poodle Panel: Clear

OFA Hips: Good

OFA Elbows: Clear

OFA Cardiac: Clear

OFA Eyes: Clear


Em/em  B/b At/At  Ky/Ky  Sp/Sp  m/m

Interested in becoming part of the Prairie Poodles Family?
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