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We are a family of 6, located in Southern Alberta, Canada with a deep rooted love of dogs, specializing in Multi-colored Purebred Standard and Small Standard (Moyen) Poodles.

All of our dogs and puppies are raised with us, under one woof (sorry, couldn't resist), which gives us the opportunity to provide them with the utmost care, attention and enrichment.

Our property is kept very clean for our puppies first introduction to the world. Regular Veterinarian visits, high quality food and exceptional care for our dogs and pups are very important to us.

Our dogs are hypoallergenic , low-shed & have proven to be a great match for those who suffer with dog allergies. (just ask our 6 year old son!) 

We pride ourselves on raising healthy, confident, happy, beautiful puppies that you and your family will love for years to come.

About Us

Welcome to Prairie Poodles...


A look back at the beginning...

Circa 1990:

Momma P & her prize

Sheltie babies!

Loving Poodles for over
70 Years!

Facts About Poodles
  • Poodles come in a variety of sizes from 6 - 80 lbs!

  • Poodles have been ranked as the 2nd most intelligent dog breed!

  • Poodles are generally considered to be a very healthy breed.

  • Poodles are very active dogs, they love to swim!

  • Poodles have hair, not fur.

  • The traditional Poodle haircut is meant for function, not fashion!

  • A team of Poodles once competed in the Iditarod!

  • The Poodle breed originated from Western Europe

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